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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  November 9, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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homecoming. president obama finally arves in indonesia, a country where we spent four years of his childhood. now his trip may be cut short. security concerns this morning. bo pilots and passengers are questioning new airport surity procedures. good morning and thanks for joining us for news had today. i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. it's esday, the 9th of vember, 2010. let's take a live look outside right now. sun is on its way out. 47 degrees at this hour. tom is here to take a look at the forecast for today. what did you call that sky, tom? it's purplish?
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>> yeah.lavender. 44 at national airport. mid-40s to low 40s in arlington, fairfax, prince george's and montgomery county. weather watchers elsewhere checkingn. reporting a clear sky. it's near freezing in the central shenandoah valley and blue ridge. low 40s to mid-40s. out of the mountains, much chillier on this tuesday morning. western maryland, much of west virginia in the 30s. and the storm system that whipped us with wind yesterday is drifting southeast of nantucket off thnew england coast. it's going to drift farther and pull away from the atlantic seaboard later today. but we'll still get a bit of a breeze from that system. a few witspy. sunset, 4:59. now let's take a look at the tuesday commute. jerry, how is it looking now? >> tom, start this time along interstate 66 in from the west.
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too early for any sunshine delays. volume in fair oaks and head towards vienna. sluggish west getting through manaas. no hangups all the way on in. that is very nice start to the commute. let's head over and check things out in green belt. outer loop near route 1, college park, authorities are telling us of an accident. at least one travel lane i blocked. we'll get you an upday. heads-up if you don't really travel the outer loop. wilson bridge is okay. northeast, new york avenue, kennelworth, no hangups. outo the rails we go, good start. still doing fine, metro and vre. brunswick 870, 11 minutes behind schedule. eun. >> thanks so much. president obama is in indonesia. he landed there about 90 minutes ago. he is meeting with the country's president in jakarta. he signed a guest book writing, quote, i am so glad to return to
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indonesia and hope the bonds between our two countries continue to grow stronger. the president lived in indonesia four years as a child. the president and first lady will attend a state dinner later today. the esident may have to leave earlier than expected, and you're looking at the reason why. mt. merapi istill spewing volcanic ash into the air. the volcano is already blamed for 153 deaths. many people packed up food and supplies fearingt could erupt again. this morning, brand-new stiff opposition to those full-body scanners. the president of a commercial pilots association said flight crs should refuse to use them. but some passengers are calling the alternative to those scanners down right invasive. news 4's kimberly suiters joins us live from reagan nation airport. she has more. or good morning, kimberly. you're talking about captain david baits, head of pilots association representing 11,000 pilots.
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he basically says pilots should be parers in security. he is advising all his members to basically politely refuse full-body x-rays, to kindly request that patdowns be done in private, not just for privacy reasons but health reasons. a privacy group in d.c. is already suing homeland security over this. aclu is weighing in as well, agreeing with pilots that enhanced patdowns is a demeanin experience and a full-body x-ray exposes them to more radiation without necessarily improving national security, they argue. head of the tsa says they're a direct response from threats from al qaeda. >> we believe this provides the best possible technology to identify the nonmetallic explosive devices that we know have been used before. >> we're really troubled by the fact that tsa gives two tolerable options. they can either have a virtual
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strip search or be exposed a very aggressive grope. we believe there should be a third way and they should be looking for it. >> reporter: that was explored at a meeting last week in frank further, germany. new technology needs to be developed. when we talked to passengers here at reagan international airport about the new techniques they say by and large security trumps privacy. back to you. >> kimberly, thanks very much. a failed terror plot led to a new set of rules for cargo and passenger flights. homeland security bans all shipments from yemen and somaa. and on passenger flights, travelers cannot carry toner or ink cartridges that weigh more than 16 occupieses, a pound, yon to the plan. last month authorities discovered bombs hidden in printer packages on car flights. the department of meland security extended the ban to somalia where intelligence officials believe they are plotting attacks against the united states.
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today we may finally learn who won the congressional race in virginia's 11th district. keith fimian will issue a statement today conceding the race. he faced gerry connolly. fewer than 1,000 votes separate the two. connolly will be back at work. doctors treatedim over the weekend for a blood clot. violence claimed another young life in the district. a gunman shot two teenagers in the 1300 block of holbrook street in northeast. both victims wre taken to the hospital. that's where police say a juvenile was pronounced dead. their names have not been released. lice also have not said whether they have a suspect or a motive. also in the district, investigators will return to southeast today to search for clues after some hun remains were found. a skull and another bone were found along malcolm x avenue not far from the anacostia freeway.
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investigators returned to the scene to look for mo evidence. it's still too early to tell if it was a homicide and they're also not sure how long the remains have been there. firefighters set a local home on fire. wait until you hear what neighbors have to say abt it. middle school football team pulls off a trick play that you will have to see to believe. 6:07 is your time. it's now 46 deges. the sun is getting ready to rise in the nation's capital. beautiful day ahead. your weather and traffic together on the ones arehead. stay with us.
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still to come, new report that says metro knew about its
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♪ where'd you learn to do that so well. ♪ ♪ where'd you learn to do that so well. ♪
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the new cadillac srx. the cadillac of crossovers. cadillac. the ne standard of the world. check outhe trickery on the gridiron in texas during a middle school game. the championship game -- that's quarterback jason garza, pretending he was arguing with the referee, starts walking with the football, and takes off. yards. the trick play worked and he scores a game-tieing touchdown. the game ended in a 6-6 tie. give the guy a heisman or oscar? >> he's lucky to be alive. th team should have wamped on
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him. >> well, the sun looks like it's trying to come up out there. 46 deees. time now for the weather. >> sunrise6:44. time for weather and traffic. right now we're off to a clear start. that was a live view from our city camera. right now in the low to mid-40s in washington and the nearby suburbs. closer to the bay, upper 40s. baywater still in the 50s. central shenandoah valley, at or me low freezing. later today, lts of sunshine. temperatures should cmb to near 60. lighter winds. and in the 50s on veterans day and again on friday. a lookt the weekend at 21. how is the traffic, jerry? >> chopper 4 over the scene of the accident. quickly moved to the shoulder. in maryland, outer loop of the beltway, between route 1 and i-95, college park. every consolidated over the shoulder. good news there. let's head over and see how
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we're doing elsewhere. 66 inbound, loading up quickly. there had annan accident, route 28. over to the shoulders so the lanes are open. coming here from manassas, centreville and beyond, picking up volume very, very rapidly. we'll update you on the rails. metro, vre, no delays. joeshgs eun. >> thank you, jerry lane closures, parking restrictio restrictions. one of d.c.'s busiest intersections. the danger the agency knew out weeks before an accident that injured a half dozen riders. >> and consumer alert. we've got another egg recall. what you need to know before sitting down to breakfast this morning.
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ta a look at this fire. firefighters set it intentionally for a tv show
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>> brand-new information about metro and itsescalators. the transit agency knew about its escalator brakes a week before the accident at laenfan plaza. the escator brakes failed caused the steps to go into freefall, sending people tumbling to the ground. it turns out an independent report commissioned by metro was
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done a month before that accident. they found some escalator brake pads across the system were worn beyond repair. tro is dealing with keeping passengers safe from terrorists. fbi investigators will attend toy's meeting at the board of trade. they'll be discussing recent threats and ways to increase security on the transit systems. this comes weeks after a man was plotting to build four northern virginia stations. the fbi says farouk ahmed videotaped stations in arlington to figure out the best time and places to attack. he will be arraigned later this morning in fedel court. today local law enforcement are combatting pedestrian accidents with their street smarts campaign. police departments from around the region will participate in the safety initiative. arlington county police will be enforcing pedestrian laws at a popular intersection in rosslyn.
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they will be handing out citations to pedestrians and drivers between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. and noon and 1:00 p.m. the pedestrian or cyclists died every five days in the washington region in 2009. among those pedestrians hit, 71-year-old duffy clarity was struck and killedarly monday morning at the intersection of south capitol street and martin ther king in southwest. >> the project is under way to
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beautify the busy downtown washington streets. work is now beginning on a street rescaping for the intersection of connecticut avenue near k street. unused center lane will be replaced with a barrier filled with plants and trees. that is expected to take three weeks and will cost $370,000 the next three years. center lane boxes and barriers will stretch all the way to coecticut avenue to dupont circle. residents in community are smoldering over how firefighters handled a blaze. the fire was part of an upcoming cbs early show story on home safety. the now boarded up and unsightly structure will be knocked down and replaced with a green home. they want to know when. >> needless to say, it's an eyesore. we don't know what to expect this week, next week, months to go by. >> i think a dolition permit should be in place prior to the burn so when it's done we know it's going to be cleared off the lot anit's no longer an issue here for us on the street.
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>> neighbors say they only learned of the demonstration a day before and they would have liked more notice. a lone survivor of a home invasion that clald the lif of a mother and her two daughters say a death sentence still not sd not bring him closure. he and another man broke into the pettit home in 2007 and ran someoney to spare her family. when she returned from the bank, hayes and his accomplice sexually assaulted and strangled her. her daughters were found tied to bed posts. dr. william pettit says no judge or jury can have the final say in this case. >> god will be the final arbiter. and he face more seriou punishment from the lord than he can ever face from mankind. >> hayes co-defendant will go on trial next year. d in salt lake city, the case of another horrific home
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invasion. today elizabeth smart is scheduled to take the stand for a second day in the trial against her accused kidnapper. the now 23-year-old told jurors she thought she was having a nightmare when brian mitchell came into her bedroom in 2002 and put a knife to her throat. mitchell is accused holding the 14-year-old at his camp site for nine months and reigniap ra after a bizarre marriage ceremony. opening statements mental illness and extreme religious beliefled to their client's actions. olbermann gave $2,500 to each of three campaigns. nbc prohibits it unless it is approved by the network president in advance. a wind farm off the coast of ocean city is coming closer to reality, according to the
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washington examiner. obama administration approved a plan on build 300 turbines over 200quare miles off maryland's coast. it would be at least 10 nautical miles offshore and not be visiblerom the beach. the farm could produce 30% of maryland's energy needs but it will still be several years before that is erected and developer must be hired and must go through several environmental impact studies. if you have a wind farm i guess you have a pretty reliable crop the wind keeps coming. leaves were all swirling around. this morning still a bit blustery. it's rather chilly. low to mid-40s throughout most of the region. thank you so much for checking in. and reporting a clear sky. th morning lots of sun. still a bit breezy. high near 60. lots of sunshine tomorrow with lighter winds. high near 60. veterans day, d-50s with
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sunshine. sunny on friday, upper 50s. a bit milder over the weekend, saturday and sunday. sunshine, near 60. low to mid-60s sunday. may get rain monday. jerry, how is the tuesday commute? >> we are loading upin a couple spots 395 northbound at the lane drop as you head north from landmark en route to shirlingto there's a pretty picture for you making the trip inbound on 66 and route 50. headed for the roosevelt bridge. 95, virginia, 123, no worries. on 123 woodbridge initial reports of an accident. metro, vre doing fine. mark, brunswick 870 and penn 503 and 05 all delayed. >> thank you, jerry. 6:22. 48 degrees. a cruz ship is stuck at sea. find out how it happene
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>> the nation's largest egg distributor announces a recall. what you need to know. security changes coming to the washington monument. how you can help change the l
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>> 288,000 eggs have been recalled because of salmonella. evidence of salmonella was found in oo fresh eggs. that egg farm is connected to an iowa egg farm connected to a massive recall earlier this year. right now no illnesses reported. they were distributed to california. carnival splendor on its way to baja when a far broke out. it was put out the but the crew could not restore power to the ship's gines. 3,200 passengers and 1,100 crew members were on board but no one was injured. it will be towed to thebaja peninsula today. 48 degrees out there. d.c. has one county in the area may go ahead with a bag tax >> more of president george w.'s
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bush's interview with nbc's matt lauer. and the sun is shining. almost up in the nation's capital. not quite yet. we have a lot of daylight around. weather and traffic on th ♪
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new look. new style. new sears. come see our brand new side. at sears. ♪ [ dad ] yeah! [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] achievement getpoints for living life. earn pnc points for your credit and debit card purchases. ♪ finout me at pnc. for the achiever in us all. still ahead, new executive order in montgomercounty that will loosen the liquor law there.
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finally there. president obama arrives in indonesia after canceling the trip twice before. the white house says he may have to change his plans yet again. good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm joe krebs. i'm eun yang. it is tuesday, november 9th, 2010. a live look outside at :30. plane taking off from reagan international airport. sunrise 15 minutes away. 47 degrees out there. a little breezy today. but it'soing to be a nice fall day. >> loo like a beautiful day so far. >> sunrise an hour earlier. and i'm gting hungrier. body rhythming still back on daylight saving time. low to mid-40s around the region. 44 at ntional airport. above freezing everywhere except ceral shenandoah valley. 20s in a few locations. windslighter there. we have had the windsp 10, 15
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miles per hour. they're settling down a little bit. the wind yesterday was from the big storm system off the coast. that's going to continue to drift south and east today. stl a bit of a breeze. temperatures, though, should warm up nicely to 60 or so. sunset, 4:59. sunrise 6:44. we'll look at wednesday, thursday, friday coming up in 10 minutes. how is the traffic now? >> heavy and slow in seral spots, including i-270 southbound. frerick, clarksburg, down the bend, 118 and beyond. it's all volum broke down cars to worry about. so th's a hopeful sign. 395, 14th street bridge, fairly decent commute. into town this morning, new york avenue inbound through northeast is okay. we do have wor of a broken down truck near 4th street in northwest. we're keeping an eye out for the delays because of that. out to the rails we go. metro, vre still doing fine.
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mark, brunswick 870, 892 are delayed, as is penn 405. joe? >> thank you, jerry. right now president obama is meeting with indonesia's president. the president and first lady michel obama arrived in jakaa this morning. it's all part of the president's ten-day asia trip. elaine reyes is live in the newsroom right now tracking the events. good morning, elaine. >> reporter: hi there. good morning to you, joe. after two years of waiting, indonesians are finally getting the chance to welcome back their adopted son. but it's a short trip, part diplomatic and partly a way to boost trade and growth. right now president obama is meeting with indonesia's president. obama lived in the country four years as a child. his speech in jakarta today is expected to be the most high profile regarding u.s. relations with the islamic world since visiting egypt earlier in the term. now, earlier during a welcome ceremony he wrote in a book, i'm
6:33 am
so glad to return to indonesia and hope the bonds betwn our two countries continue to grow stronger. he and the first lady are expected to attend a state dinner later on today. he is expected, the esident, that is, to speak in the next few minutes. now, after leaving indonesia, the first couple will then travel to south korea and then japan. joe, back to you. >> elaine reyes reporting live from the newsroom. thanks very few, ee rain. the president may have to leave earlier an expected. mt. merapi is still spewing volcanic ash into the air. the volcano is blamed for 153 deaths. many people packed up food and supplies fearing mt. merapi could erupt once again. former presidt george w. bush's new book tells about his presidency and his life. he writes about his battling with a drinking problem. it hits shves today. he sat down with matt lauer and
6:34 am
they talked about how quitting drinking changed his life. >> i could easily have a peer or two or martini before dinner, bourbons, b and bs. i was a drinker. now, i wasn't a knee-walking drink. >> you were a habitual drinker instead of a dnk. >> exactly. i finally woke up and realized that i did not want to live a life where alcohol was central. an i'm convinced had not quit drinking i wouldn't be sitting here as a former president. because i conical a few incidents where alcohol made my quick tongue not only quick but caused me to be stupid. >> the president will join matt lauer live on the "today" show tomorrow morning on nbc 4. >>and people are already lining up for the president's new book and for a chance to get his autograph. these people camped out inront of border's bookstore in dallas last night.
6:35 am
president bush will be signing there today. the national park service wants to know what you think about possible changes to the washington monument. right now the visitors screening facility does not comply with federal reserve fromation laws. five separate designers created options for the location of a new visitors center. it was built after the september 11th attas and supposed to be temporary. u can tell the park service what you think by going to >> a teenager accused of killing popular d.c. principal brian betts will spend up to 40 years behind bars. 19-year-old saunders faced the possibility of lifein prison if convicted but made a plea agreement to reduce his sentence. saunders confessed he met betts through a sex chat line and arranged a meeting. he says he shot betts accidentally and the gun was not his. he was a principal a shaw middle school. our time 6:35.
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already thinking about happy hour. you new executive order that will change liquor laws. take a look at this. more than 100 people camped out outside a local sre. what they just couldn't wait to get their hands on >> 48 degrees. sunrise just a few minutes away. weather and traffic together on the ones, next.
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city of philadelphia to come, what conan said as he return
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our time is 6:39. 48 degrees in the nation's capital. these are live pictures from jakarta, indonesia, where president obama is making a state visit. visitinging with the president of innesia, who is now speaking at a joint press conference, delivering his prepared remarks. the president is expected to speak in just a little bit. >> this the presidential palace. he is there for a quick trip, cut short because of mt. merapi. next he will visit south koa and japan. >> this is certainly something of a minor homecoming for
6:40 am
president obama. he lived there forfour years as a young boy. and so -- he's tried to get back twice before but both had to be canceled for various reasons. he's in jakarta but may have to leave soon because of another incident involvg a volcano and volcanic ash. taking a look outside right now, it's 6:40. 48 degrees. a chilly start but a beautiful look at the sky. sunrise moments away. we like that we're seeing the sun. although in the afternoon it's tough to see it go away so fast, tom. >> sunset is 4:59, a minute before 5:00 today. this morning our sunrise is now 3 1/2 minutes away. right now 44 at national airport. low to mid-40s in the nearby suburbs. and much of the region. except ctral shenandoah valley in the mountains downelow freezing in many locations. lots of sun to wispy clouds.
6:41 am
a wind north and northwest around 20 miles per hour from time to time. tomorrow, lighter winds. sunny. high near 60. sunny, a bit cooler, upper 50s on friday. we'll take a look at the weekend. saturday, sunday, and the first part of next week coming up in ten minutes at 6:51. let's check t tuesday commute. jerry, good morning. how is it looking? >> good morning. good morning, everyone. 66 had a couple issues earlier. an accident in center vil in the shoulder. some of the lanes are open. off and on from manassa loading up very quickly. top side of the beltway. inner loop good. outer loop bogd down from georgia avenue. route 50 at 450 or 410 at 50 word of an accident. authorities should be on the scene. american legion bridge doing okay.
6:42 am
metro and vre okay. mark, brunswic 892 and penn 405. >> thank you, jerry. >> moving into the 21st century. whatou'll soon be able to do for the first time inmontgomery county. plus, brand-new security rules. what you can no longer take on a plane even if it is in your checked baggage. first d.c. now guess what local suburb wants to cash i
6:43 am
still to come, t danger metro knew about weeks before one of the escalators w
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>> a failed terror plot has led to a new set of rules for cargo and passenger flights this morning. homeland security departnt now bans all sipments from yemen and somalia. on passenger flights travelers cannot carry toner and ink cartridgeshat weigh more than one pound. last month authorities discovered bombs in packages on a cargo flight. authorities added somalia after
6:45 am
reports of terrorists there actively plotting attacks against the u.s. new security measures from the tsa are facing some strong opposition this morning. this morning the president of a commercial pilots association says flight crews should refuse to use full-body scanners. but some passengers are calling the alternative to those scanners down right invasive. news 4's kimberly suiters joins us with more. good morning, kimberly. >> reporter: good morning, joe. you're talking about captain david bates, ahead of pilots association representing 11,000 pilots. he basically september out a letter asking his members to refuse new techniques. he said pilots should basically be treated not as potential threats but as partners in security. captain bates said basically to pilots you shod polily refuse full-dy x-rays, professionally request that patdowns be done in private. it's a privacy matter and health matter.
6:46 am
aclu is weighing in. agreeing with pilo that the enhanced pat-down is a demeaning experience. and the full-bo x-ray exposes pilot toss more radiation without improving national security. however, the head of the tsa says the securi measures are a direct response to threats from al qaeda. >> we believe this provides the best possible technology to identify the nonmetallic explosive devices that we know have been used before. >> we're really troubled by the fact that tsa gives two intolerable options. they can be exposed to a very aggressive grope. we believe there should be a third way and they suld be looking for it. >> reporter: they say they are looking for it. tsa attending a conference in germany. newer,etter technology is what they're talking about. when we talked to passengers here at reagan international
6:47 am
airport women do not like the invasive patdowns but men say by and large they would take security over privacy. joe, back to you. >> kimberly, thanks very much. two teens were shot in the 1300 block of holbrook street northeast. both victims were taken to the hospital. that's where police say a juvenile was pronounced dead. their names have noteen released. police have not said whether they have a suspect or motive. also in the district, investigators will return to southeast today to search for clues after someone found human remains. a skull and another bone were found along malcolm x avenue, not far from the anacostia freeway. police say it is still too early to tell if this was a homicide. they're also not sure how lo the remains have been there >> big changeor montgomery county, county-run liquor stores will now be open on sundays
6:48 am
according to the washington examiner. according to the washington examiner, ike leggett issued an executive order that would open the stores on ndays. it's expected to be finalid wednesday. while some see sunday as family time or prayer time, this will add close to $2 million a year to the county budget. it will be a six-month trial and would allow stores to capitalize on higher than normal liquor sales around the holiday shoppers in arlington county could be next to play for the plastic bags. the arlington county board of supervisors is considering a five cent tax on the bags. however, they need permission from the general assembly to do it. arlington will make its bag request during the general assembly session whi starts january 12th. if approved, arlington would join the district in charging the bag tax. this morning the fed is trying to get the word outo small business owners help is ailable to them. courtney reagan joins us.
6:49 am
>> reporter: good morning to u you. ny companies aren't biting. the big reason is companies both big and small aren't seeing a boom in sales. consumers aren't spending a they pically do. they're watching their spending and watching savings. well, it's time to s good-bye to mr. goodwrench. they are shelving the brand and facing it out by february. it will create service departments with four main branches. g.m. wants to emphasize its core brands as gets set for its much amendmented ipo, which could be next week. and disney takes over time square today. it rturns to new york after city after a ar long accident on 45th and broadway marking the occasion with what else but a two-hour parade. the 20,000 foot store is
6:50 am
expected to generate sales from retail stores. an entire section devoted to marvel comics. back to you, eun. >> my kids would love that. courtney, thanks so much. >> reporter: thank you. and you might have some exhausted co-workers or classmates today becaus they were all up all night playing the hottest video game. at midnight "call of duty" was released. fans lined up outside to get their hands on it, including here at game stop in gaithersburg. the latest version has a lot to live up to. its predecessor sold 7 million copies its first day and totaled a billion dollars in sales worldwide. this is for a video people, people. >> yep. it's azing. very profitable. it was simply put one of the more bizarre situations in television. conan o'brien, if you remember,
6:51 am
replaced jay len as "the tonight show" but he was asked to move back a half hour to leno could come back. >> then leno moved back to his old show. o'brien is now back on television. listen up. >> thank you. and welcome back to my second annual first show. >> the show simply titled "conan" debut odd debuted on tbs. andy richter joined him at the desk. looked like some mooning going on there. >> i was going to say. almost hit by the big odd moon. tom, tell us about the forecast today. >> all right. well, speaking of things in the sky, take a look at our sunrise. here the live view from sky watcher camera and tha sun is up. i should say the horizon down. this big old planet just keeps on turning.
6:52 am
at the equator, it's moving 1,000 miles an hour and rotating. sun is up. clear sky on this tuesday morning. there's the view in the background along the potomac river. 44 at national airport just to the right. and we've got a light breeze there now. and the wind will likelien increase a bit in strength as the afternn progresses. mid-40s shenandoah all the way to the lick beaches as well as in washington and prince george's, montgomery, arlington, fairfax. a clear sky all around the region. below freezing, though, in this blue zone. and over the last 12 hours, big storm system circulating off the southeast new england coast, continuing to drift south and east and pulling away. that dpaigave us our wind yeste. bundle up a bit at the bus stops. upper 30s and low and mid-40s the next couple hours. and we'll have bright sunshine. sunny day. a bit breezy by noon time.
6:53 am
mid and upper 50s. early to midafternoon, near 60. then with our early sunset at 4:59 it will quickly cool down. overnight we'll be back down to the 40s near dawn. during the day on wednesday, bright and sunny, near 60 degrees. aighter wind tomorrow. then on thursday it should be bright and sunny for veterans day. a bit cooler with highs in the mid-50s. friday, highs in the 50s. over the weekend, still looking pleasant. a bit milder. great for outdoor recreation and fun. temperatures near 60 saturday afternoon, low to mid-60s on saturday afternoon. chance of rain monday. jerry, how is the traffic now? >> chopper 4 over what appears have an accident on route 10 in prince george's county. it's deescalating. a good portion of the roadway blocked off. authorities remain on the scene. heads-up for that. let's switch gears and head over
6:54 am
quickly. 395 northbound loading up central locations. 95 and 395, a couple spots where you get the sun. won't be long bore we see substantial sunlight delays, i guarantee u. no worries either direction. northbound is just volume as you make your tr up to the beltway. southbound, no rething in place. 405 slightly dayed. joe? >> jerry, thanks very much. this morning, troubling new information about metro and its escalators. turns out the transit agency knewbout escalator brake problems a week before the incident. megan mcgrath joins us in southwest washington where the accident occurred. good morning, megan. >> reporte good morning, joe. a preliminary audit of the escalator system done by an independent contractor found major problems with the braking system. and those problems were reported to metro one mont before the
6:55 am
accident that occurred here at th laenfant station. at and den trance fails. it suddenly accelerated, sending people crashing to go. there were a number of injuries. a draft report by vertical transportationxcellence released on september 30th alerted metro of dangerous problems. incorrectly adjusted or damaged brake system. the report states all brakes have questionable stopping performance and that brake pads were worn beyond usable life expectancy and koolau the unit to fee wheel to a stop. again, all of this reported to metro one month before the accident here. we've been talkingto riders. here's what they had to say about that. >> it's crazy. they need to do more. everything. the escalators, the trains, everything. >> it's disturbing if they knew that it was a problem. i mean, they have millions of people riding the bus and the trains. so i think it's very disturbing for them not to do anything about that.
6:56 am
>> reporter: last week metro's board got an update into the investigation intohe escalator incident. this audit was not mentioned at all. should mention metro is now inspecting all the escalators in their stack. joe, back to you. >> megan mcgrath, live today. megan, thanks very much. today local law enforcement are combatting pedestrian accidents with their street smarts campaign. police departments from around the region will participate in the safety initiative. arlington county police will be enforcing pedestrian laws at a popular intersection in rosslyn. theyill be handing out citations to pedestrians and drivers between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. and noon and 1:00 p.m. the pedestrian or cyclists died every five days in the washington region in 2009. amily of one of the most recent pedestria to be killed is asking for the driver who fled the scene to come forward. 71-year-old duffy clarity was
6:57 am
struck and killed early monday rning at the intersection of south capitol street and martin luther king jr. avenue in southwest. clarity's daughter said her fatheruffered from alzheimer's. the vehicle that hit clarity may have been a mercedes. it's likely the car has damage to the front end and windshield. we may finally learn who won the congressional race in the 11th district today. keith fimian will issue a statement today conceding the race. he faced gerry connolly. at last count he was trailing 981 votes but that is too big a margin to make up even if there were a recount. connolly will be back at work. he was hospitalized for sevel days with a ood clot in his artery. 6:57. elaine reyes has this morning's p stories in the newsroom. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, eun. let's get right to the headlines. right now president obama is in the middle of a joint address with indonesia's president. later he's exctedo give a speech about u.s. and islamic relations. then the first couple will attend a state dinner. let's listen to what president
6:58 am
obama said just a few minutes ago. >> after more than one attempt, its wonderful to finally be back in indonesia. >> reporter: obama lived in indonesia for four years as a young child. after this visit, he and the first lady wl head south korea and japan to finish out their trip. the president may have to leave earlier than expected because of lcanic ash in the air. it is blamed for 153 deaths. that's a look at this morning's top stories. thank you very much. a final forecast from tom. >> a wonderful autumn pattern that's going to continue through the rest of the week and into
6:59 am
the weekend. today's high near 0. lots of sun. still a bit blustery. not as windy a yesterday. tomorrow, sunny, lighter breeze, highs near 60 once again. for veterans day, bright and sunny, a bit cooler. sunny on friday. saturday should be bright and sunny as well. morning lows near 40. ternoon highs near 60. increasing clouds sunday but should be dry. afternoon highs into the mid-60s. could get rain monday and cooler. jerry, how our traffic? a live look this hour. sunshine will get you. south of town to the wilson idge between alexandria and oxen hill, no hangups. interstate 66, make sure you have the ray-bans or foster grants or the kind you buy at the drugstore like i do for 99 cents in your pocket because you will need them. have a great day. >> thanks very much. that is news 4 today. thank you for starti your day with us. >> "today" show is next. right back here at 4:30. until then, have a great


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